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We care where our ingredients come from. We choose locally made items whenever possible, and purchase from companies that share our values whether they are local or not.

One of our biggest concerns is animal testing. We will never buy fragrances, waxes, or anything else that come from companies that perform tests on animals. We use recycled paper, boxes, and other supplies, and try to leave as small of a footprint as possible. We want to leave the planet in better shape than we found it - so we do what we can to help the environment.

You will see the difference in our products versus other companies that source the least expensive ingredients. We take time to test our ingredients to make sure you get the best products for your money spent - you work hard for that money and shouldn't throw it away on high mark ups for large retail stores.

Since our most important goal is your happiness, we included a page on our site for customer reviews. Please click below to check out the feedback from other buyers so you can know what to expect when you place an order with us.

Here to support the community
Support Small Business - My Story

Our goal is to contribute to society in a positive manner. This goes beyond bringing something enjoyable into our customers' homes - we want to make a difference to those that share this planet with us.

We are still in the start up phase, but would soon like to be able to pick a charity each month to donate a portion of our proceeds to. We currently have promotions with a few charities such as Camp Kesem and APSCA to donate a portion of their members' sales, and would like to bring on even more!

If you are involved with a charity that you think would benefit, please send us a note in the "contact us" section. We are always open to the idea of doing fundraiser type events for good causes so if you think you have a group of people who would like to buy candles this is a chance to get some of the proceeds back!

I have always loved candles. I wanted to experiment making my own so I bought a little kit to make a couple small ones, and I was in love. I didn't realize how much joy making candles would bring me, and I knew I wanted to share that with everyone else. 

I was one of those people that would walk by the candle aisle of a store and spend the next hour sniffing every single item on the shelf. Then I would look at the price tag and walk away with usually nothing - or if I was feeling extravagant I might get one. Once I figured out how to make high quality candles on my own, I wanted to be able to sell them at a reasonable price so my friends and family don't feel like they are breaking the bank  buying something that will bring a little bit of happiness into their home.


So in a nutshell - I decided to make a company out of my new hobby. I wanted to make candles and other home fragrance items out of the best ingredients I could get, without the gouging prices of some big retailers we know. I hope my products put smiles on people's faces while bringing a little bit of peace into their homes.

Discover The Difference Good Ingredients Make
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