The Travels of Boozle the Dog

This page is under construction. I will be adding details of Boozle's journey in life and details of her injuries within the next day or two. Thank you for visiting. Here are some pics of this beauty. 

As of right now, we know she has completely ruptured her CCL (same as an ACL in people), and she needs surgery. We found her when she had been abandoned for some reason, and she was hiding under a car in the middle of the summer in Arizona. Her paws were raw and burnt, she was extremely skinny, and she was terrified. We spent the time to get her out of her shell, and now she is such a special part of our family. She is her daddy's baby. Boozle is extremely athletic and loveeeeees playing. Unfortunately, that is probably what ultimately ruptured the tendon, but she did have issues with luxating patellas prior to this. She also is showing signs of osteoarthritis in both knees now. We cannot handle losing her, so we are trying to raise funds to help with her expensive upcoming surgery. 

Check back later to see more about Boozle. I will be uploading the detailed surgery info as soon as I get it! 

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